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Every experience is a transition from one state to another. Transitions can be emotional, psychological or even physical. We may be adjusting to marriage, separation or divorce, a changing lifestyle or family structure, expanding our family or preparing for the time when our children leave home, changing jobs or entering retirement and even grieving the loss of a loved one. Transitions can be exciting, inspiring, or even overwhelming but also create opportunities for growth and for new life experiences. Sometimes, however, we get stuck during our transitions, and we may experience depression, anxiety, grief or relationship conflicts which prevent us from moving forward.  Our past traumas and attachment wounds may also surface as we move through different life experiences, and we may feel fearful or even hopeless. My goal as your therapist is to help you gain insight into your transition challenges and navigate more easily through change to create a happier, better life. Some common issues that I assist clients with are: depression, anxiety, marital and family conflict, trauma, grief and loss, stress, self esteem and self empowerment . 

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Sometimes we have a goal that we want to reach but the path there feels uncertain or the journey too challenging. Other times, our goals are unclear.  As your life coach, I will help you identify or create your goals, collaboratively plan steps to reach them in an attainable way, and support you in accomplishing those steps. Life coaching can be for a limited duration or an ongoing relationship depending on your needs and goals. 

Some common coaching goals are:

  • Transitioning to a new job or career 

  • Transitioning to retirement 

  • Navigating relationship transitions such as  separation or divorce

  • Relationship decisions

  • Self actualization to realize one's full potential 

  • Relocation decisions 

  • Education choices

  • Family growth through adoption, surrogacy or fertility services

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Choosing Therapy or Coaching

Therapy and coaching may sound similar since they both have the same goal: transitioning to a better life.  As either your therapist or coach, I will help you identify your strengths and goals, encourage you on your journey, and assist you in developing new skills to reach those goals. There are significant differences, however, between therapy and coaching, and it's important to choose the service that meets your needs. 

Coaching is present and future focused: we will look at where you are right now and the goals you would like to meet in the future. Therapy is past, present and future focused:  we will look at how your past experiences have affected you, what challenges and emotions you are experiencing now and what your future would look like if the same challenges didn't exist. While self-discovery is part of both the coaching and therapeutic process, therapy is rooted more in healing and reducing or eliminating specific symptoms while coaching is rooted more in achieving goals by creating specific change.  Please reach out for a free consultation if you are uncertain which service is right for you. 

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Therapy or Coaching
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